Changelog – v1.1.0

I just fixed some minor errors and added a couple of new features.

* It is now possible for the visitor of the site to sort the records by whatever parameter they want.
* The visitor can now choose to only view records by a specific artist by clicking on the bandname.
* Removed the ability to click currently not searchable stuff (label etc).
* Fixed previous / next links.
* Added option that allows the user to put a link where to buy a specific record.
* Fixed “Edit Record” so that it remembers the comment upon submit in case there’s an error in one of the fields.
* Fixed the display error for “Edit Record”.
* Other minor display fixes in the admin area.
* Fixed some confused code for display single.

Launching Recordbrowser

Contributors: Vanessa Roseline Siegl
Tags: music, music collecting, discography
Plugin Homepage:
Creator Homepage:
Requires at least: 3.7.3
Tested up to: 3.7.3
License: GPLv2 or later.

This plugin allows users to organize their record collection or discography and present it to visitors.


This is directed at anyone who wants to display a discography on their webpage.
It could be you are a musician, or you run a label, or you have a record store, or even just want to show off your collection to the world.

I programmed this years ago in an attempt to make a multi-user site, but then decided not to pursue it any further. It did get used on several music sites I was running,
the only one that is s still active is the German language Conor Oberst fansite.


Get it directly from the repository or download it and upload the extracted folder in the plugins folder on your server!
Embed in any page or post using the shortcode recordbrowser.

Upcoming Features

Widgets for the sidebar
Override settings via the shortcode
Featured records
Upload songs
Add multiple records at once

Ideas / Need Help?

Contact me at

Want me to host you?

Get a subdomain on ( and start displaying your records to the world!
Contact me at for terms&conditions.


The record the plugin adds into your database upon installation is by Bessie Smith.
She was a queer Blues Singer early in the last century and is pretty awesome. I recommend that you check her out.

Support Me

I put a lot of work in creating and maintaining this plugin. The selfhosted option will always be free of charge,
but a donation, or if you are a musician one of your records, would be muchly appreciated